The Planet Bethlehem Archive

The Planet Bethlehem Archive


Planet Bethlehem is a platform for collecting and sharing resources related to Bethlehem and its diaspora. My work has focused on establishing a data migration workflow (from Figshare) and designing and developing an Omeka S-based website features the digital items and collections of the archive. The project is coordinated by co-directors Jacob Norris and Leila Sansour and has been carried out and expanded with the contributions of several scholars, artists and partner organizations. The PBA website is currently in beta version.

Project info

Core team:


  • University of Sussex
  • Bethlehem University
  • Open Bethlehem
  • Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation (CCHP)
  • Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies


  • UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Project description

“Planet Bethlehem is a platform for collecting and sharing resources related to Bethlehem and its remarkable history of global connectivity. For over 150 years, Bethlehemites have been travelling, trading and building communities all over the world. Today, around half a million people of Bethlehem origin reside in the Americas alone. Meanwhile, Bethlehem itself has developed a culture of openness and creativity, despite the problems it faces as a Palestinian city living under occupation. Planet Bethlehem was created in that same spirit of openness and creativity.

This site acts as the project’s online archive, providing users with access to thousands of digital materials that have been catalogued and described by the Planet Bethlehem team. Many of the archive’s materials have been donated by Bethlehem families in various parts of the world and we welcome further contributions. Please contact us if you’re interested in sharing your Bethlehem stories or simply learning more about the project.”

Planet Bethlehem Archive website
*Header image credit: Library of Congress